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Why Solaris Technologies Services is Known for Reliable Disaster Relief Networks

When disaster strikes, reliable communications saves lives. Having comprehensive disaster relief is essential for telecommunication providers, and that’s why Solaris Technologies Services is a valuable resource. Our mobile tower team is ready to help communities, organizations and businesses stay connected with reliable disaster relief networks, and here’s how we do it:  Disaster Relief During Hurricane […]

How 5G is Revolutionizing the Telehealth Industry

5G is ready to revolutionize every industry that deals with communications. In the telehealth industry, 5G is leading the charge to help health leaders get information quickly and more reliably than 4G. Telecommunications is going through a major revolution, and telehealth is at the forefront. At Solaris Technologies Services, we’re ready to help everyone in […]

Network Quality is More Important Than Ever, Here’s Why

The importance of powerful telecommunication network quality is more apparent than ever before. From times of crisis to smart city innovation, 5G is rising to the challenge with the network quality you need. At Solaris Technology Services, we’re ready to give you high-quality infrastructure without having to sacrifice quality and quantity with or cell on […]

How COVID-19 Has Made Positive Changed in Communications

COVID-19 has had significant impacts on businesses across the globe. As we are getting used to a “new normal,” we are seeing new ways people are changing their businesses to adapt to the pandemic, which will have positive impacts for the future. The telecommunications industry is no exception and has faced many changes of its […]

New Mini Mobile Tower Video

Mini Mobile Tower Video The wait is over, enjoy our latest mini mobile tower video showing how to operate our 60′ unit. The mini cellular-on-wheels is  designed to provide a nimble, mobile solution for a variety of applications such as: Telecom Network Coverage Security Audio/Video Surveillance Solutions WiFi Solutions And More The Solaris Mini Mobile […]

Why Solaris’ 150′ Mobile Towers are Built with 5G Capabilities

Solaris Technologies Services is a leader of providing businesses and organizations with a solution to their telecommunications needs. Our mobile towers are 5G ready and able to create a faster and more reliable connectivity solution. Here is why the Solaris Technologies Services 150’ mobile towers are always built with 5G capabilities: Solaris’ 5G Capabilities 4G […]

Solaris Technologies Services is Here for Your Portable Cell Tower Needs

Solaris Technologies Services safely keeps people connected with a superiorly designed portable cell tower. We have designed the safest, strongest, and most cost-effective mobile tower in the world. That’s why we have been trusted by the US Navy, Verizon, T-Mobile and other Grade-A integrators. Here is how Solaris will help you with all of your […]

New Mobile Tower Video Coming

Check out our latest tower videos on our YouTube channel to learn more about our most rugged tower line up. Solaris offers towers ranging from 60ft-150ft with customizable options. When you need a strong, durable, and reliable solution for your connectivity a Solaris mobile tower is the answer. YouTube Channel Link:      Stay […]

The Evolution of the Mobile Tower Industry

The Evolution of the Mobile Tower Industry Read through Solaris’ latest post on how the mobile tower industry has evolved and how we support communication.   To learn more about our high-capacity mobile tower offering head over to our tower page: Click for Tower Page