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Offering Training for Setting Up Our Variety of Portable Cell Towers

At Solaris Technologies Services, we are dedicated to ensuring that each of our employees goes above and beyond their expectations. We work hard to train our employees to make the most of every opportunity through extensive portable cell tower education. Here are the reasons why our clients know they can trust our portable cell towers […]

Prepare for Tornado Season Emergency Response with Portable Towers

As spring begins, tornado season is right around the corner. Recently, we’ve seen tornados touch down in Texas, Louisiana and several other hot spots in the United States. It’s not enough to plan your emergency response after a natural disaster has occurred. Being prepared means having your exact game plan ready to go in case […]

Tower Rental at Solaris Technologies

Are you looking for mobile tower infrastructure for an upcoming project but don’t want to spend loads of money on expensive mobile cell towers inventory? Lucky for you, Solaris Technologies has a rental program that allows you to rent a high-quality mobile cell tower and save money while renting! This tower rental program is perfect […]

Mobile Cell Towers at Solaris’ 5th Annual Roadshow

Our favorite time of the year is coming up! Coming in February begins our Annual Tower Roadshow where we display our most popular 106’ cell-on-wheels in action. Book your free live demo to see just how robust and low-maintenance our high-capacity mobile cell towers are! There are no excuses for missing out on this event. […]

New Years Mobile Tower Promotion

New Year’s Mobile Tower Promotion   The new year is here and new towers are going into the production line. Our design team is busy at work putting together ideas for custom projects that have come in, but we have an exciting customer opportunity.   We have just a few of our 2021 models available […]

What Does the New Infrastructure Bill Mean for US Telecommunications?

Biden proposed a $2.3 trillion, 8-year infrastructure plan that includes $100 billion of investment to revitalize America’s digital infrastructure by bringing affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband to every American. Keep reading to learn how the new infrastructure bill will affect the telecom industry and how Solaris Technologies plays into this: The New High-Speed Age The Covid-19 […]

How Cell Tower Refurbishment Can Help You and The Planet

Solaris Technologies Services believes in keeping our Earth clean and healthy. One of our main goals with our Green Initiative is to make opportunities available for everyone to help out with conserving our environment. Help reduce waste when you team up with Solaris Technologies Services to bring life to your obsolete or decommissioned towers. Learn […]

Make Life Easier with Our Mini Cell Phone Tower

Have you been in the market for an affordable cell phone tower that requires minimal effort? Setting up cell phone towers can be a hassle but with our mini 60’ portable cell tower you can get the service you need with a simple 30 minute setup. This versatile solution provides the ultimate performance at a […]

How Solaris Guarantees Cell Phone Tower Safety 

Solaris Technologies Services provides top-quality, durable and safe mobile towers.  Solaris’s goal is to keep everyone connected safely. Cell phone tower safety is our priority, therefore we do everything in our power to ensure the well-being of our employees and customers. Learn more about how Solaris Technologies Services deliver the best and safest mobile tower […]

Maximize the lifespan and productivity of your equipment with cell tower refurbishment

At Solaris Technologies Services we are proud to offer premium, cutting edge cell tower products, but we are also dedicated to keeping those items operating in tip-top shape. With our cell tower refurbishment services, we will bring your towers to like-new status – and not just our own towers, but any brand! Here’s all you […]

You’ve got options with our cell-on-wheels rentals

At Solaris Technologies Services, we want to provide our customers with the best customer service experience possible, every time. Sometimes that means providing options that make attaining a portable cell tower possible, such as a cell on wheels rental. Here is everything you need to know about all of the options for your cell on […]

Plan for Your Emergency Response to Tornado and Hurricane Season with Portable Cell Towers

As tornado and hurricane season has started to impact the United States, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are prepared for these natural disasters. There are many great ways to prepare for the season, but a portable cell tower is a proven dependable way to stay connected in every situation. Here […]

Portable Cell Towers Ready for Immediate Release When You Need It

At Solaris Technologies Services, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the portable cell towers they need, when they need them. We work with our customers to provide them with the right towers for their needs and ensure they are delivered on time, every time. Here is everything you need to know about the […]

Our New Cell Phone Tower Safety Locks and Accessories

At Solaris Technologies Services, we are committed to safety in everything we do, from mobile cell phone towers to security equipment. That’s why we created the only climb-rated mobile cell phone tower on the market. We are proud to announce that we are now selling a new product to help improve the safety of our […]

High-Capacity Mobile Towers Infographic

60′, 106′ and 120′ Foot Mobile Cell Towers You Need Today

Are you looking for mobile cell towers? At Solaris Technologies Services, we’re prepared to give you the mobile towers you need that will meet your project’s requirements. We have a variety of portable cell towers for sale, and our team is ready to help you find exactly what you desire. Here are a few mobile […]

3 Reasons to Celebrate Earth Day with Mobile Tower Repairs and Refurbishment

Earth Day is right around the corner, and there’s no better way to celebrate than helping our planet with our Green Initiative that brings old or obsolete mobile towers back to life through refurbishment services. At Solaris Technologies Services, we’re dedicated to rebuilding a quality high-capacity tower that reduces our customers’ carbon footprint. Here are […]

Prepare Your Emergency Response Team with Solaris Technologies Services

There’s no telling when a natural disaster might strike– hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, or earthquakes– but when life-threatening conditions arise, your emergency response team needs the best-in-class mobile tower infrastructure. At Solaris Technologies Services, our team helps emergency responders set up mobile cell sites where one is not available in minutes. Here are a few reasons […]

Solaris Technologies Services Nominated for DCEO 2021 Innovation Award

Dallas, Texas – – – Solaris Technologies Services announced that it received a nomination for the D CEO 2021 Innovation Awards for Technology Innovation, presented by D CEO and Dallas Innovates. Widely known as one of the top technology and innovation awards in Dallas, The Innovation Awards is the leading Dallas awards organization that honors […]

The 3rd Annual Portable Cell Tower Roadshow

From coast to coast, our high capacity mobile towers are hittin’ the road. Whether you’re in the market to create a private network or you’re looking to strengthen your telecommunication capabilities, we’re ready to meet your team where you are during the 3rd annual Portable Cell Tower Roadshow. Ready to see the capabilities of new […]

You Have Your Cell-on-Wheels, Now What?

So much goes into deciding on the right cell-on-wheels that fits your deployment and bandwidth needs. But what happens after you purchase a portable cell tower from Solaris Technology Services? You can expect a lot from our team after your purchase. From maintenance to tech support and so much more in between, we know that […]

A Year In Review from Evelyn Torres

With 2021 quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year, remember the adversity we overcame and what we look forward to in the future at Solaris Technologies Services. Our CEO, Evelyn Torres, wants to share a year in review letter to her team, customers and partners. Please take the […]

How Our Cell on Wheels Help City Municipalities Provide Broadband Access to Rural Areas 

In the past, creating an infrastructure for electricity, roadways, and transportation was our time’s biggest challenge. Today, one of our infrastructure challenges has changed and can be easily solved with our cell-on-wheels infrastructure solutions. Now more than ever, people need reliable rural broadband coverage. This is how Solaris Technologies Services can help city municipalities bring […]

3 Reasons Why Solaris Technologies Services Is a Nationwide-Leader in the Tower Industry

With over a decade of experience, Solaris Technologies Services has risen to the top as a nationwide-leader in the mobile tower industry. Our services have helped companies ranging from emergency response teams to city municipalities. Here are three reasons why our company is recognized as a leader in portable cell towers: Built with USA Hot […]

Use or Lose Your Budget for a Portable Cell Tower by the End of the Year

With the end of the year fast approaching, there’s still time to upgrade your telecommunications infrastructure with a 5G portable cell tower from Solaris Technologies Services. It’s time to “use it or lose it” when it comes to your fiscal budget. Here are some of the reasons why you should purchase a portable cell tower […]

Tower Inventory Ready to Ship

Do you need a mobile tower today?   We have ready to deliver units in the following sizes: 60′ Mini Mobile Tower: bumper pull 60-foot mobile tower on trailer, can support up t0 500lb, can sustain wind speeds up to 90 mph when guyed, toolbox included.   106′ Cellular-on-Wheels: bumper pull 106-foot mobile tower, can support […]

Is Your Campus Secure For The 2021 Student Return?

Not only can you find industry-leading mobile towers at Solaris Technologies Services, but you can also solve security threats through our company with Garrett Metal Detectors. Aa leader in advanced security systems, Garrett Metal Detectors, offers world-class security solutions fit for nearly every situation. Here is how Garrett can help you solve your security threats: […]

The Top 5 Ways To Use Our Mini Cell Towers 

Hot-dipped galvanized steel, operational setup time in 30-minutes and the ability to sustain 90 mph maximum wind speeds when guyed– that’s right, it’s the Solaris Technologies Services mini cell towers. With so many applications, our mini cell towers are perfect for numerous situations. Here are our top 5 uses for mini cell towers: 1. Mini […]

The Economic Benefits of Upcycling and Reducing Waste with Solaris Technologies Services

There are numerous economic benefits of recycling and reducing waste. As part of the Solaris Technologies Services green mobile tower initiative, we’re making sure that everyone has a chance to reduce tower waste, save our environment and benefit economically from being environmentally conscious. Here is how our customers are benefiting from our green initiatives: The […]

3 Ways Solaris’ Green Initiatives Can Benefit Your Business (And the World) 

Decommissioning a mobile tower is costly, time-consuming and expensive. With the new wave of 5G networks and the increasing demand to find an environmentally friendly way to dispose of cell towers, we’re excited to announce the Solaris Technologies Services Green Initiatives! We’re confident that we’ll be able to help you refurbish your cell tower that […]

Hurricane Season Promotion

Be Prepared This Hurricane Season In preparations for the 2020 hurricane season, the Solaris tower team has ramped up production. When communications are down an immediate solution is needed. Turn to the Solaris tower experts for your next mobile tower project. If you need a tower now, talk to our tower team at 972-721-0150 about […]

How Our Cell on Wheels Work for IIoT 

What is IIoT, and how can Solaris Technology Services help? The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is part of a fast-growing trend in manufacturing, leading the charge in efficiency, scalability, productivity and much more. We’re here to help expand the idea of how our portable tower and cell on wheels services can help the manufacturing […]

Three Ways 5G Can Help the Expansion of Telemedicine Services 

In order for the telemedicine industry to expand patient care access and reduce costs, it must adopt 5G services. 5G will help boost healthcare areas that will revolutionize the way people receive care in the 21st century. When telecommunication companies are looking to find solutions for reliable network signals for telemedicine, they turn to us. […]

Featured in Inside Towers August Newsletter: Solaris’ New 5G Antenna

Solaris Technologies Services Announces The New 5G Antenna Mount Solaris Technologies Services High-Capacity Mobile Tower Manufacturer based out of Irving, TX Irving— August 7, 2020 — Solaris Technologies Services, LLC announced the immediate availability of The New 5G Antenna Mount, enabling telecom customers to install up to 1,100 pounds of 5G equipment that will be […]

Solaris Technologies Services to Provide US Civil Defense Contractor with Custom High Capacity Portable Towers

We are excited to announce that Solaris Technologies Services has been working with a leading US civil defense contractor based out of Texas. We are collaborating with them to provide high-capacity mobile towers that support its military, logistical, and communications needs. Why Companies Trust Solaris Technologies Services Our company was founded in Irving, Texas by […]

Why Solaris Technologies Services is Known for Reliable Disaster Relief Networks

When disaster strikes, reliable communications saves lives. Having comprehensive disaster relief is essential for telecommunication providers, and that’s why Solaris Technologies Services is a valuable resource. Our mobile tower team is ready to help communities, organizations and businesses stay connected with reliable disaster relief networks, and here’s how we do it:  Disaster Relief During Hurricane […]

How 5G is Revolutionizing the Telehealth Industry

5G is ready to revolutionize every industry that deals with communications. In the telehealth industry, 5G is leading the charge to help health leaders get information quickly and more reliably than 4G. Telecommunications is going through a major revolution, and telehealth is at the forefront. At Solaris Technologies Services, we’re ready to help everyone in […]

Network Quality is More Important Than Ever, Here’s Why

The importance of powerful telecommunication network quality is more apparent than ever before. From times of crisis to smart city innovation, 5G is rising to the challenge with the network quality you need. At Solaris Technology Services, we’re ready to give you high-quality infrastructure without having to sacrifice quality and quantity with or cell on […]

How COVID-19 Has Made Positive Changed in Communications

COVID-19 has had significant impacts on businesses across the globe. As we are getting used to a “new normal,” we are seeing new ways people are changing their businesses to adapt to the pandemic, which will have positive impacts for the future. The telecommunications industry is no exception and has faced many changes of its […]

New Mini Mobile Tower Video

Mini Mobile Tower Video The wait is over, enjoy our latest mini mobile tower video showing how to operate our 60′ unit. The mini cellular-on-wheels is  designed to provide a nimble, mobile solution for a variety of applications such as: Telecom Network Coverage Security Audio/Video Surveillance Solutions WiFi Solutions And More The Solaris Mini Mobile […]

Why Solaris’ 150′ Mobile Towers are Built with 5G Capabilities

Solaris Technologies Services is a leader of providing businesses and organizations with a solution to their telecommunications needs. Our mobile towers are 5G ready and able to create a faster and more reliable connectivity solution. Here is why the Solaris Technologies Services 150’ mobile towers are always built with 5G capabilities: Solaris’ 5G Capabilities 4G […]

Solaris Technologies Services is Here for Your Portable Cell Tower Needs

Solaris Technologies Services safely keeps people connected with a superiorly designed portable cell tower. We have designed the safest, strongest, and most cost-effective mobile tower in the world. That’s why we have been trusted by the US Navy, Verizon, T-Mobile and other Grade-A integrators. Here is how Solaris will help you with all of your […]

New Mobile Tower Video Coming

Check out our latest tower videos on our YouTube channel to learn more about our most rugged tower line up. Solaris offers towers ranging from 60ft-150ft with customizable options. When you need a strong, durable, and reliable solution for your connectivity a Solaris mobile tower is the answer. YouTube Channel Link:      Stay […]

The Evolution of the Mobile Tower Industry

The Evolution of the Mobile Tower Industry Read through Solaris’ latest post on how the mobile tower industry has evolved and how we support communication.   To learn more about our high-capacity mobile tower offering head over to our tower page: Click for Tower Page

A Word from our CEO on Operations During Covid-19

CEO words March 2020

February Roadshow Location

2020 Tower Roadshow February Stops Are you going to be in one of our Tower Demo cities? Talk to one of our sales team members today about joining our free 5G tower demo. Our Tower Experts will be taking a 106′ Mobile Tower to customer facilities to show you what our 5G-ready towers can do […]

Solaris To Attend UTA Engineering 60th Anniversary Event

Solaris to Attend UTA Engineering 60th Anniversary Event   Solaris is so excited to be a part of the 60th Anniversary of the UTA Engineering School. We will be joining some of the greatest minds for an evening of celebration and accomplishment. If you are planning on attending stop by our table to meet some […]

Austin Street Center No Place Like Home Event

Austin Street Center No Place Like Home Event Solaris would like to invite you to join us at the Austin Street Centers No Place Like Home event on Feb. 20, 2020. At the event, you will have the opportunity to bid in a silent auction on vacation homes and help end homelessness here in our […]

The Second Annual Tower Roadshow

2020 Tower Roadshow I would like to invite you and your team to sign up for a FREE demo day where we could bring our high capacity tower and crew of experts out to your facility to have a live demo of our most popular 5G Ready 106’ Mobile Tower. During our one-on-one demos, we […]

2020 Innovation Award Finalist

Solaris A 2020 Finalist To Attend The Innovation Awards Tonight is going to be an exciting night of Innovation! Solaris is honored to be a finalist in the DCEO Dallas Innovation Awards,  under the manufacturing category. Over the last many years, Solaris has become known as one of the leading manufacturers of cellular-on-wheels towers that […]

5G Ready Towers Are Here

5G Ready Towers Are Here Our newest high capacity 5G ready tower line up is now available! Follow our link below to find out how our mobile towers can keep your team connected. Solaris towers are currently being used for extending coverage, natural disaster response, event cellular support for over congestion, remote cell site coverage, […]

Something Big is Coming Oct 3rd

Something Big is Coming The next big thing is coming soon to mobile towers. Join us on October 3rd as we make our big tower video reveal! #5g #mobiletowers #telecom #cellularonwheels #portabletowers #telecomtowers #towers #celltowers

North Texas Giving Day Challenge

WILL YOU ACCEPT OUR CHALLENGE? We are so excited to be partnering with Austin Street Center of Dallas this week for the National Giving Day!   If you are not familiar with Austin Street Center they are a local Dallas shelter that serves over 400 men and women EVERY single day! That’s right, they help […]

Solaris Delivers 150′ Mobile Tower

Solaris Delivers & Deploys the Latest 150′ Mobile Tower Rural Mobile Deployment When connectivity is your top priority, the Cellular-on-Wheels is the solutions.   VTX1 came to Solaris with the idea to expand their rural south texas network. Together with our tower team, they were able to identify the safest and most robust solution for […]

Only One Mini C.O.W. Left

Only one Mini C.O.W Left Our team is finished with our June demo events and we have one Mini Cellular-on-Wheels left in inventory. This like- new unit was brought out to the 2019 Connect X exhibit floor in May and served our Texas based team in a select few on site customer demos. The unit […]

Dover, Ohio 106 Tower Delivery

Solaris Delivers & Trains Team in Dover, Ohio   This week our tower team is out in Dover, Ohio delivering a 106′  Mobile Tower unit. Here you will find a photo of our team leading a tower certification course to certify the customers team on tower safety and operation of the mobile tower. Solaris has […]

New Financing Options For Mobile Towers

New Financing Options For Mobile Towers   Solaris is proud to announce a new partnership with Ascentium Capital. They are a leading provider of equipment and technology financing solutions. They offer a unique finance platform, combined with exceptional customer service, that paves the way for fast, flexible financing customers need. Now that our partnership is […]

Solaris Exhibits at Connect X

Solaris Exhibits at Connect X 2019 Orlando, Florida Hyatt Convention Center The Solaris Technologies Services team is back from the 2019 Connect X, where we joined industry leads who are making 5G networks a reality.   This year our tower exerts brought in our toughest mini tower to show the industry leaders how we make […]

Solaris at UT Arlington

This morning Evelyn Torres, a member of our senior leadership, will be at University of Texas Arlington to judge the #brightest in #engineering as they compete for the slot of the most #innovative of 2019. The students will all be presenting their most creative and thought out renditions of ingenuity they hope to present to the world. 3 winners […]

Wrapping Up The Roadshow

Our last stop of out 2019 Tower Roadshow This year we opened up the opportunity for our customers and potential clients to request an in person Tower demo. Our tower experts went out across the nation showing off the tower features and showing everyone how to operate our system. Last week we had our final […]

Roadshow 2019 Stop 3

The Mobile Tower makes its way to Savannah, Georgia. Today our team is on the road starting our 3rd Mobile Tower roadshow demo. We have brought our 106′ out to Savannah, Georgia to showcase our most in-demand mobile cellular tower. One of the items our team will be focusing on today during our presentation is […]

Demo Days March Update

This week our team set out for Atlanta, Georgia to conduct our second 2019 customer demo. In order to lift the 106′ mobile tower our team brought along a 30 amp 110 volts generator and the unit will be ready to deploy in just 27 minutes. Not only is the mobile tower quick to set […]

Alabama the First Stop of the 2019 Tower Roadshow

T-Mobile host the Solaris Tower Team at Alabama facility to showcase the most popular 106′ Mobile Tower. Yesterday Solaris had its first successful tower demo with T-Mobile, to kick off the 2019 mobile tower Demo Tour. The tower team brought the most popular 106′ mobile tower to Alabama to show off its quick 24 minute […]

Solaris Technologies Services Announces 2019 Mobile Tower Service Roadshow

2019 Mobile Tower Service Roadshow February 18-28 2019   2018 has come to an end and the Solaris Technologies Services team is ready to start the year off with a bang. Back by popular demand, we will be hosting our next roadshow, taking the most popular 106′ mobile tower to clients across the nation. Mark […]

D CEO Magazine Recognizes Evelyn Torres as Exceptional Leader in D500

D CEO Magazine Recognizes Evelyn Torres as Exceptional Leader in D500 Evelyn Torress, CEO of Solaris Technologies Recognized in D500 for Most Influential Business Leaders 4 Years Running by D CEO Dallas, TX, November 15, 2018—Evelyn Torres, CEO of Solaris Technologies, was recognizedin the Dallas 500 for the fourth year in a rowby D CEO. […]

DCEO D500 Nomination 2019

This year is coming close to an end, many projects have been successfully closed and new business awaits. But in the midst of all the business we are so excited to announce that Solaris Technologies has once again been selected to be featured in DCEO’s list of the Dallas 500. It is amazing to be […]

Bringing Next Level Security to Texas State Fair

This year Solaris Technologies had the opportunity to set up and install 50 security walk throughs at the State Fair of Texas. Each year the momentous event brings in 2.2 millions patrons. From all over the state, people come to enjoy food delicacies, local music, exhibits, car shows, rides, games and more. When an event brings […]

Solaris Technologies & Stanford University

Solaris Technologies partnered with Garrett Metal Detectors to bring heightened security to Stanford University. We are proud to serve Universities and school districts across America using the latest in metal detection technology.

Solaris Technologies STEM Camps

Solaris Technologies is proud to sponsor STEM Camps and inspire future leaders in Science & Technology. 

2018 STEP Ahead Award Winner

April 10, 2018: Evelyn Torres, CEO, Solaris Technologies was awarded the 2018 STEP Ahead Award for Women in Manufacturing in Washington DC. 

The New Latina Code: Collaborative, Disruptive Leadership webinar

The New Latina Code: Collaborative, Disruptive Leadership webinar. Watch now to hear Evelyn Torres inspire others to reach for the C Suite.

The New Latina Code: Collaborative, Disruptive Leadership

The New Latina Code: Collaborative, Disruptive Leadership Join Evelyn Torres to encourage, inspire and promote Latina leadership.

Verizon Begins to Roll Out High-Tech System for First Responders

Verizon Begins to Roll Out High-Tech System for First Responders In August 2017, Verizon unveiled its plan to build a private network for first responders and other public safety communications, which is on schedule to roll out this year. While priority access to the network will come first, followed by enhanced push-to-talk capabilities, Verizon plans […]

Tower Timeline

Solaris Technologies Tower Launch Timeline

Solaris Technologies New 80′ Tower Launch

Solaris Technologies: Safety-Security-Peace of Mind

Disaster Recovery in Caribbean

Solaris Technologies tower team is testing mobile tower #5 going out to the Caribbean for disaster recovery from 2017 Hurricane Season.

Hurricane Relief: Cellular Coverage

Hurricane Season 2017 Solaris Hurricane Relief: Cellular Coverage

Solaris Technologies Mobile Tower Service and Plano Balloon Festival

Solaris Technologies Mobile Tower Service is providing communications for over 20,000 visitors at the 2017 Plano Balloon Festival.  

Evelyn Torres in D CEO Persona Feature

Evelyn Torres in D CEO Persona Feature Evelyn Torres, CEO of Solaris Technologies is featured in this month’s September issue of DCEO Magazine. She is cited for her passion in telecommunications and her work with the STEM Education Coalition. Evelyn is passionate about inspiring the next generation to reach for more. Get to know Evelyn’s […]

Evelyn Torres named as Top 5 Dallas Entrepreneur

Our very own Evelyn Torres, CEO of Solaris Technologies is featured in Lemonade Day!  She is featured as a Leader of  Dallas Entrepreneurs whose hard work is paying off.   Read the article here:  FIVE DALLAS ENTREPRENEURS REAPING THE REWARDS OF HARD WORK  

Women In Tech

Women in Tech Author: Nicole Torres August 8, 2017 We wanted to share an excellent article we recently read by Andre Loubier a fabulous Forbes writer who talks about women working in the technology field. Our owner Evelyn Torres, has been a power house in the Dallas, Texas marketplace creating jobs and leading her Telecommunicaitons […]

Keep Your Nightlife Secure With Solaris’ Security Solutions

Solaris’ recent partnership with Garrett has taken off and we want to help keep your nightlife secure with metal detectors that can detect your threat. Garrett Security Metal Detector offer your team a quick way to keep your venue and patrons safe. Our metal detectors can detect items as small as a 1 inch ring […]

Are You Prepared for Peak Tornado and Hurricane Season?

Solaris Technologies know how to get communications lines back up when a  tornado or hurricane hit. Get in touch with our Sales team to learn more about our mobile tower Portable tower solutions. When it comes to telecom solutions Solaris knows how to get you connected. In the past, our team was able to help […]

Tower Demo Days at Solaris

Summer has just started and our team has successfully completed it’s first tower demo of the demo days summer event.  

FirstNet & AT&T to Make First National Wireless Broadband Network for First Responders

First National Dedicated First Responders Network FirstNet a first responder service has awarded a massive contract to AT&T who will be responsible for the building of the first national wireless broadband network dedicated to first responders. “Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chair Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai called this an “historic day” and […]

Solaris Technologies Recognized in the Dallas 500

November 29, 2016 Solaris Technologies Recognized in the Dallas 500 Today we were honored to be included in the 500 leading companies in Dallas. In this 2017 issue of DCEO’s Dallas 500 Solaris Technologies was recognized as one of the top 18 Technology & Telecommunications companies, in the Leading Industries category. Some of the recognized […]

Evelyn Torres, CEO of Solaris Technologies Awarded by D CEO Magazine “Outstanding Latino Business” in Small Business Category

Evelyn Torres, wins Outstanding Latino Business Leader from D CEO Magazine Solaris Technologies is so proud to share that our CEO, Evelyn Torres has been awarded Outstanding Latino Business Leader in the Small Business Category. Evelyn was selected by a panel of some of Dallas’ top companies and stood in competition with many multi-millions dollar […]

CTIA Super Mobility 2016

CTIA Super Mobility 2016: CTIA Super Mobility 2016 was a great success for our Solaris team, we hope we have become a valuable connection made at the show that can aid in bringing success to your telecom business. Our 106′ mobile tower made a big debut during the show, drawing lots of attention and sparking […]

D CEO Nomination for Outstanding Latino Business Leader 2016

Evelyn Torres, CEO of Solaris Technologies, is so honored to be nominated amongst 15 other Latino power houses, changing the way Dallas does business! Long have we known that we have a intelligent, fabulous, and fierce leader, but now our secret is out. Thank you D Magazine for this tremendous recognition we cannot wait to […]

The 150′ Goliath Mobile Tower

  Solaris News: 150′ Goliath Mobile Tower March 28, 2016   150 Goliath Mobile Tower Solaris successfully tested and brought to life the 150′ Goliath Mobile Mobile Tower below. Not only is the height impressive, but the lifting capacity of 2500lb* is monumental. The team will be taking this massive tower with them to San […]

Solaris Delivers it First COW Project to the US Navy

Solaris Delivers to US Navy, Mobile Tower Cellular-on-Wheels Units Solaris Technologies has successfully executed it’s first custom Cellular-on-Wheels project with the US Navy. Two top of the line custom towers were created to help support the Navy and their communications needs. After the structural engineering analysis was conducted our team worked hard to construct custom towers, that then […]

Now Renting the Mobile Tower with Briggs Equipment, Inc.

Solaris Technologies has partnered with Briggs Equipment, Inc. to offer the Mobile Tower for rent! Call today to ask about our 106′ C.O.W. and see what we can offer you to help expand your capacity! Nicole Torres (972)810-3572

Evelyn Torres, Nominated Tech Titans Finalist

Join us August 21st, 2015 for the Tech Titans 15th Anniversary Gala: Evelyn Torres, CEO of Solaris Technologies has been nominated and considered a Top 5 finalist for the Emerging CEO award. Read More:    

Solaris Announces Briggs Equipment as Exclusive Rental Partner

PRESS RELEASE Solaris Technologies Announces New Rental Partner Briggs Equipment, Inc. to execute tower rentals throughout the Continental USA. Irving, Texas, July 15, 2015: Solaris Technologies announced that it has partnered with Briggs Equipment, Inc. as its exclusive rental partner for the Solaris mobile tower product line. Briggs Equipment, Inc. will execute tower rentals for […]

Why does Diversity and Inclusion Matter?

CEO, Evelyn Torres will be joining Addition Treehouse for a panel discussion on “Why does Diversity and Inclusion Matter?.” Join us for this free event February 17, 2015 at 6:00 PM.

Ring of Hope Charity Boxing Tournament

Solaris is excited to be a Welter Weight Sponsor in the upcoming Ring of Hope Charity Boxing Tournament February 12, 2015 come see us at our table.

2015 Minority Business Leader honorees

We are proud to announce our CEO, Evelyn Torres has been selected as one of the Dallas Business Journals 2015 Minority Business Leader honorees. 2015 Minority Business Leader –

Mobile Tower Service 2014 Closeout Deal!

This is your opportunity. Check out our Mobile Tower Service 2014 Closeout Deal! To find out more about this deal Click here

2014 PESC Business Luncheon

Join us on Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 11:00 AM for a program of business inspiration from Some of North Texas’ Own Entrepreneurs InterContinental Hotel Dallas, Malachite Showroom Moderated by Scott Sams, Morning News Anchor, KRLD Evelyn Torres – 2013 Ernst & Young Regional Entrepreneur of the Year Calvin Carter – 2013 Forbes Most Promising […]

CTIA 2014 , Las Vegas

CTIA September 9-11 Solaris joined the 2014 CTIA tradeshow that included keynote speakers, MobileTalks education sessions, MobileCON’s Thought Leadership stages, one-on-one interviews and more. CTIA is ranked among the largest global telecommunications trade shows, bringing in over 25,000 telecom professionals to discuss the largest topics facing the industry and create an introduction between customers and […]

CEO Evelyn Torres on Play Makers Talkshow

Evelyn Torres on Play Makers Talkshow with Steve Klein October 30, 2016 Talkshow news: Tune in to the Play Makers Talkshow link below to hear Solaris Technologies CEO, Evelyn Torres, talk about the her business and successes as an entrepreneur. /

Wireless Without Limits 2014 Conference at Atlantis

Wireless Without Limits 2014 Conference at Atlantis in the Bahamas. Wireless Without Limits is an annual broadband technology conference and trade show event “experience.” This year’s event is held at Atlantis in the Bahamas – from February 27th through March 3rd, 2014. Solaris Technologies is an Elite Partner at this year’s conference and our Chief […]

Solaris Technologies Signs Distribution Agreement with Power & Tel

Solaris Technologies Signs Distribution Agreement with Power & Tel October 30, 2014 Mobile tower manufacturer Solaris Technologies has announced it has signed a distribution agreement with Power & Telephone Supply Co. (Power & Tel) to better serve its growing multi-national customer base. This Strategic Alliance will enable Solaris to provide its multi-national customers a comprehensive […]