3 Ways Solaris’ Green Initiatives Can Benefit Your Business (And the World) 

3 Ways Solaris’ Green Initiatives Can Benefit Your Business (And the World) Decommissioning a mobile tower is costly, time-consuming and expensive. With the new wave of 5G networks and the increasing demand to find an environmentally friendly way to dispose of cell towers, we’re excited to announce the Solaris Technologies Services Green Initiatives! We’re confident that we’ll be able to help you refurbish your cell tower that is either decommissioned or falling behind on the latest technology. As part of our pledge to help the environment, we’re excited to reduce the amount of waste in our landfills from the electronics and assets disposed of from cell towers. If you’re ready to learn more about how we can save you money, and create a cleaner environment, keep reading about our green initiative that can help your business. 

Saving Your Business Time and Money

How much does it cost to build a cell tower? It’s exceedingly more expensive to buy a new cell tower than it is to request mobile tower refurbishing. As part of our green initiatives, we’re offering to refurbish tower structures (Solaris Mobile Tower or Non-Solaris Mobile Tower). We create a new base that can support our tower’s weight and then create and assemble a new tower structure that is hot-dipped galvanized and capable of high-capacity weights up to 1,100lb. One of the main benefits our customers find is how the expense is measured in opex budget vs capex. Where customers won’t have to purchase a new tower (CAPEX) and instead, they can work the maintenance into their already existing cell tower maintenance budget (OPEX). 

Green Initiatives Improving the Environment

Many people believe that their cellular service tower is either beyond repair or obsolete and have them retired. Disassembling a cell tower is extremely expensive and creates environmental issues for landfills. Cell tower removal includes battery disposal, site restoration, asset disposal and many other things. The reality is that it’s actually far less costly to refurbish a cell tower than it is to replace or decommission it completely. We have helped numerous customers repair cell towers that they believed to be obsolete. With our green initiatives, we’re actually putting money back into our customer’s pockets by preventing them from having to pay to deconstruct their cell tower. Our initiatives also entirely eliminate waste from decommissioned towers. 

Doubling the Life Span of Your Cell Tower

The depreciating value of an asset can weigh heavily on accounting balance sheets. When an asset’s maintenance exceeds the return gained from it, many people consider selling or decommissioning the asset entirely. However, with cell towers, it’s easy to extend the lifespan of it without putting a massive hole in your wallet. By contacting us about our green initiatives, we can double your asset’s lifespan and you won’t have to worry about the expense of decommissioning the tower. Our mobile tower refurbishing services will make your tower stronger, more durable and ready to improve network quality with the latest cellular technology. We’re ready to help our customers benefit while creating a safer environment for the world. 

With our refurbishment services, you don’t have to worry about new capital expenditures, you won’t have to jump through various checkpoints for approval of a new cell tower and you can double the lifespan of your asset while saving the environment. The Solaris Technologies Services team is prepared to refurbish your tower and increase tower height, increase capacity and give you a 2-year full warranty on your cell tower. It doesn’t matter if you’re a current customer of ours or not, our green initiatives are here to help everyone restore the infrastructure and integrity of their cell tower while protecting the planet from tower waste. If you’re interested in learning more about our green initiative, contact our team today and ask us about cell tower restoration. 

Photo Sourced from Solaris Technologies Services

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