Network Quality is More Important Than Ever, Here’s Why

The importance of powerful telecommunication network quality is more apparent than ever before. From times of crisis to smart city innovation, 5G is rising to the challenge with the network quality you need. At Solaris Technology Services, we’re ready to give you high-quality infrastructure without having to sacrifice quality and quantity with or cell on wheels. 

How Network Quality Effects ARPU

According to a study conducted by the Ericsson Company, network quality investing has proved to provide network providers with a way to “drive lower churn and/or higher average revenue per user (ARPU).” They also found that service providers who don’t have secure network connections can have higher ARPU but have to endure higher churn rates. 

Defending and Regaining Market Share

The key to success for service providers lies in their ability to give customers safe, fast and reliable networks at a competitive price. Companies who want to defend and regain market share in the telecom industry have invested heavily in network performance. Although this isn’t the only way to grow your company, it has proven to be a cornerstone for a strong industry leader. 

Improving Your Network with Solaris

Our telecommunication services are ready to help your business reclaim or gain more business as a network provider. We can equip you with cell on wheels that have 4G or 5G networks. We have the mobile towers you need to improve your network quality and services from mini cell towers to goliath cell on wheels. 

As the 5G area starts to take off, you don’t want to be left behind with a poor network. We’re ready to supply you with hot-dipped galvanized steel cell towers that are also in compliance with ANSI/EWTIA-222-F safety standards. Ready to take your telecommunication services to the next level? Contact us today to receive a quote or to request a demo.

Photo Sourced from Solaris Technologies Services

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