The Top 5 Ways To Use Our Mini Cell Towers 

The Top 5 Ways To Use Our Mini Cell Towers

Hot-dipped galvanized steel, operational setup time in 30-minutes and the ability to sustain 90 mph maximum wind speeds when guyed– that’s right, it’s the Solaris Technologies Services mini cell towers. With so many applications, our mini cell towers are perfect for numerous situations. Here are our top 5 uses for mini cell towers:

1. Mini Cell Towers Reduce Downtime

Ever think about how cell phone towers work when a city municipality is upgrading its telecommunications? Cities and governments need to upgrade their network capabilities, and having a cell phone tower go offline can be a significant issue while conducting city services That’s why we suggest using our mini cell towers in order to keep networks operational as a connectivity solution while managing city service updates. 

2. They Expand Network Capabilities

How do cell phone towers work when the network is oversaturated? Inefficiently! As more technology gets introduced into the market, this creates a growing need for cities to expand their network capabilities. A mini cell tower can help alleviate the traffic on a tower while a permanent structure is put in place. 

3. Mini Cell Towers Help with Disaster and Emergency Relief

In ideal situations, we all want to be prepared when natural disasters strike. The reality is that there’s no way to plan for forest fires, earthquakes, or even hurricanes. Luckily, emergency response teams can quickly deploy telecommunications towers within 30-minutes in even the most remote locations with our mini cell tower. It’s proven that reliable networks save lives, and we’re here to help keep people connected.

4. Expand Online Education and Remote Work  

Because of the recent pandemic, a lot has changed from an education and office stand-point. Many people are either working or learning from home, and this trend is likely going to continue. A mini cell tower can help bring a broader range of network capabilities to areas of town that don’t have great cell reception. 

5. Network Strength for Keeping a Community Connected

Having a reliable network can make or break a community. We have developed long-lasting relationships with organizations because of our durable and dependable cell towers. When everything is on the line, your team shouldn’t have to worry about telecommunications. 

There are a wide variety of uses for our mini cell tower, and all of them can be applied across numerous industries. And with Ascentium Capital financial services, we make sure that everyone can get the cell tower they need, whenever they need it. From Solaris Refurbishment Services to a free demo, contact our team today to let us know what we can do for you. 

Photo Sourced from Solaris Technologies Services

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