What Does the New Infrastructure Bill Mean for US Telecommunications?

Biden proposed a $2.3 trillion, 8-year infrastructure plan that includes $100 billion of investment to revitalize America’s digital infrastructure by bringing affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband to every American. Keep reading to learn how the new infrastructure bill will affect the telecom industry and how Solaris Technologies plays into this:

The New High-Speed Age
The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of internet connectivity in our growing technological world. The remote job environment has emerged and thrived during the pandemic and has left people to look for strong bandwidth connections. This can be an issue for people who don’t have good internet bandwidth due to their location. More than 30 million Americans, including 35% in rural communities, lack access to the internet or have slow internet speeds. Additionally, about 100 million Americans who have broadband access do not subscribe because of affordability. The new infrastructure bill means underserved areas will be brought up to speed, at last, allowing for easier day-to-day life.

How Does Solaris Technologies Fit into This?
With the new act, more people in underserved areas will have broadband access. This new accessibility also means businesses, remote work environments, online learning, and telehealth will all benefit from the new act. The only problem is that hard-to-reach areas might be skipped even with the new bill. This is where Solaris Technologies Services comes into play. Wireless internet and telecommunication companies, such as Solaris, can extend the 5G wireless rollout to previously underserved areas. Solaris’s mobile cell towers are the infrastructure piece that is paired with the newest 5G equipment to allow underserved areas to access next-generation internet speeds.

Solaris Technologies Services’ towers are perfect for rural areas because of their affordability, easy set-up, and mobility. Additionally, many of these underserved areas are scattered throughout the country, making the task of deploying these new 5G networks to these communities difficult. Solaris’ mobile towers are easy to set up and can support more weight than ever before. With the use of one of these towers, connectivity can be quick and seamless.

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