Why Solaris Technologies Services is Known for Reliable Disaster Relief Networks

When disaster strikes, reliable communications saves lives. Having comprehensive disaster relief is essential for telecommunication providers, and that’s why Solaris Technologies Services is a valuable resource. Our mobile tower team is ready to help communities, organizations and businesses stay connected with reliable disaster relief networks, and here’s how we do it: 

Disaster Relief During Hurricane Season

Solaris has experience working on disaster recovery plan execution, including projects with large telecommunications companies such as Verizon and T-Mobile. During Hurricane Harvey, we helped Verizon get their mobile towers back up within a one-day turnaround. We also helped T-Mobile…cell-on-wheels towers, they were able to deploy their connectivity solution to those who needed it most in an instant.  

Keeping People Connected During Tornado Season

We’ve also helped people stay connected before and after tornadoes. At the start of the Moore, Oklahoma tornado season, we partnered with Verizon and supplied them with cell towers the day after they requested them. Environmental disasters can happen quickly, so we’ve perfected the delivery time from a mini cell tower to goliath cell towers to meet customer needs. 

Relief After Earthquakes, Delivered On Time

When devastating earthquakes hit Ecuador, Telefonica turned to our mobile tower and certified structural engineering teams to help keep the affected communities connected. We helped the affected communities in Ecuador fix their knocked out communications, and helped them bring it online. Earthquakes are unpredictable, but our team is reliable when you need to bring your telecommunications back online. 

Solaris Technologies Services is here wherever disaster strikes. In our effort to help save lives during the most catastrophic events, we can be counted on to deliver the network services you need on time to keep people connected. Want to learn more about our 5G capabilities and what we can do for your business for disaster relief? Contact us today to learn more!

Photo Sourced from Solaris Technologies Services

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