Make Life Easier with Our Mini Cell Phone Tower

Have you been in the market for an affordable cell phone tower that requires minimal effort? Setting up cell phone towers can be a hassle but with our mini 60’ portable cell tower you can get the service you need with a simple 30 minute setup. This versatile solution provides the ultimate performance at a fraction of the cost of a permanent site. Find out why you should invest in Solaris Technologies Services’ mini cell phone tower below.  

Easy Installation with this Mini Cell Phone Tower

The operational setup time for this mini cell phone tower is only 30 minutes! Solaris makes setting up this mini tower even easier by supplying all the necessary anchors and accessories. All you have to do is install your equipment. It’s that simple! Putting up this tower is just as easy as taking it down and moving it to a new location if necessary. 

Tough Sturdy Steel

This tower is made out of hot-dipped galvanized steel because we want to guarantee the best quality tower for your money. The galvanized steel is lightweight making this tower easy to transport, but the durable design ensures that the tower can withstand 90 mph winds or rough terrain.  

Safety Accessories Included

When you purchase the mini 60’ cell phone tower, you also receive all the tools needed for installation. Included with this tower are jack stands, guy wires, anchors, outriggers included with an easy leveling system, a toolbox, and its own power supply. For more information on accessories and installation for the 60’ mini mobile tower, watch our tutorial video on our YouTube Channel!

Now that you know what the hype is about, make sure to grab one of these towers while they’re at a discounted price! Get a quote by filling out this form. To see what other towers and products Solaris Technologies Services offers, check out our website

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