New Mini Mobile Tower Video

Mini Mobile Tower Video

The wait is over, enjoy our latest mini mobile tower video showing how to operate our 60′ unit.

The mini cellular-on-wheels is  designed to provide a nimble, mobile solution for a variety of applications such as:

  • Telecom Network Coverage
  • Security Audio/Video Surveillance Solutions
  • WiFi Solutions
  • And More
60' Mini Mobile Tower Nested

60′ Mini Mobile Tower Nested

Mini Mobile Tower Tilted Up

Mini Mobile Tower Tilted Up

Mini Mobile Tower Erect at 60'

Mini Mobile Tower Erect at 60′

The Solaris Mini Mobile Tower consists of a lightweight, 60′ galvanized steel telescoping power that can be quickly deployed at any location.

This versatile solution provides the ultimate performance at a fraction of the cost of a permanent tower site.

The durable platform ensures stability during high winds or rough terrain. You can rest assured knowing that the mini mobile tower can handle anything your project requires.


For more information about our Mini Mobile  Tower and pricing call our Tower team at (972)721-0150 or read more about our tower offering.


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