Solaris Technologies Services Named Finalist for The Innovation Awards 2023

At Solaris Technologies Services, we believe in showing our commitment to safety, service and innovation in everything we do, no matter what. Recently, we have had the honor of being recognized for that innovation in the telecommunications industry. Here’s everything you need to know about Solaris Technologies Services being named a finalist for the Innovation Awards:

About the Innovation Awards

Solaris Technologies Services is proud to have been named a finalist in The Innovation Awards 2023, presented by D CEO and Dallas Innovates! We are among a standout group of professionals and organizations making a profound impact in the community. Each year, a select group of trailblazers are honored with the award and we could not be more proud to have won!

Our Innovation in Telecom

During our time in the telecommunications industry, we have noticed quite a few improvements that can be made to the products offered by many companies. As we began our journey, we decided to provide our customers with the kind of equipment we would want as a customer. So, we designed the only climb-rated tower in the industry. Our mobile towers are tough as nails and can withstand winds high enough to even work in harsh natural disasters!

Honored to Be Named a Finalist

While we have worked hard to improve our technology so that our customers can stay safer while operating and maintaining our towers, we never expected to win awards based on that hard work. We are truly honored to have been named a finalist in The Innovation Awards 2023 and we cannot thank everyone involved enough. We will keep working hard to deserve the title. 

No matter how you utilize the vast array of benefits offered by Solaris Technologies Services, our team is always here to ensure you end up with the right tower for your needs. We work with our customers to provide safety training, routine maintenance and the safest mobile towers in the industry. Want to learn more about our towers? Check out our blog!

Photo Sourced from Solaris Technologies Services

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