The 150′ Goliath Mobile Tower


Solaris News: 150′ Goliath Mobile Tower

March 28, 2016


150 Goliath Mobile Tower
Solaris successfully tested and brought to life the 150′ Goliath Mobile Mobile Tower below. Not only is the height impressive, but the lifting capacity of 2500lb* is monumental. The team will be taking this massive tower with them to San Antonio to demo at the Texas Emergency Management Conference on April 4th, 2016.

The Mobile Tower Cellular-on-Wheels product line have varied application including event support, disaster recovery, communications support and extended coverage, surveillance, security, wifi solutions and more. Solaris Technologies towers are currently deployed in all the Americas from Canada, North America, Central American to South America.

150' Goliath Mobile Tower

150′ Goliath Mobile Tower

*Wind speeds and antenna dimensions may alter the lifting capacity and are put under evaluation before implementation.


Talk with our knowledgable Mobile Tower Team today to learn more about this monumental 150′ Goliath.


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