How Our Cell on Wheels Help City Municipalities Provide Broadband Access to Rural Areas 

How Our Cell on Wheels Help City Municipalities Provide Broadband Access to Rural AreasIn the past, creating an infrastructure for electricity, roadways, and transportation was our time’s biggest challenge. Today, one of our infrastructure challenges has changed and can be easily solved with our cell-on-wheels infrastructure solutions. Now more than ever, people need reliable rural broadband coverage. This is how Solaris Technologies Services can help city municipalities bring modern telecommunication technology to rural areas:

The Benefit of Increasing Broadband Access

Having reliable network access allows people to not only stay connected but has also been proven to improve quality of life. Robust and reliable internet services help with economic growth, enhances education, increases healthcare services, strengthens public safety and improves data coverage. All of these benefits can easily be brought into a community with our cell-on-wheels infrastructure support.

How to Improve Cell Reception in Remote Areas

In 2020, Congress passed numerous bills to help strengthen the internet in rural areas and help telecommunication companies increase internet speeds. With access to government funds, city municipalities have the ability to improve people’s lives and bring their infrastructure into the 21st century. With our team of experts, you can get started on it today.

Rural Broadband Coverage with Cell on Wheels

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to quickly deploy cell on wheels across the United States. Our portable cell towers can help you set up the infrastructure you need today without the hassle of building a permanent tower. We also provide customers with customizable solutions with the strength, durability and safety they need for their unique situation. 

We are a proud nation-wide leader in the mobile industry, and we’re ready to help every city municipality bring reliable wireless internet to rural areas. With durable and reliable cell on wheels, our customers also receive a 10-year warranty, safety training, 24/7 support and so much more. Contact us today to learn about the Solaris Technologies Services difference. 

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