The 3rd Annual Portable Cell Tower Roadshow

The 3rd Annual Portable Cell Tower RoadshowFrom coast to coast, our high capacity mobile towers are hittin’ the road. Whether you’re in the market to create a private network or you’re looking to strengthen your telecommunication capabilities, we’re ready to meet your team where you are during the 3rd annual Portable Cell Tower Roadshow. Ready to see the capabilities of new technology from Solaris Technologies Services? Here’s what to expect on our roadshow this year:

What Changed Since Last Year?

A lot has changed since last year’s Roadshow. We have upgraded our service offerings and implemented new safety protocols designed to keep everyone safe during our demo. Here are a few of our COVID protocols:

  • Everyone must wear a mask at all times
  • Everyone must follow and adhere to CDC COVID guidelines
  • If anyone feels under the weather, we would strongly advise them to stay home and get some well-needed rest
  • All of our demos will be one-on-one with our tower expert and your team (maximum 10 people) 

Since all of our portable cell tower demos will be one-on-one, you’ll get full access to our trained professionals. You’ll be able to ask any questions that come to mind, and we’ll understand how we can address your business’ needs with the best option available. With full access to our tower experts, we are confident that you will walk away more knowledgeable on mobile tower deployment and see how a Solaris high capacity mobile tower can fit your infrastructure needs.

Who Can Sign-Up for the Roadshow?

We’re looking to visit any company or organization interested in strengthening their telecommunications systems with the latest 5G tower technology. Typically we demo for organizations such as carriers, businesses that deal with emergency response, energy companies, government entities, schools and universities and wireless internet providers. If you need a reliable high-capacity mobile tower, we’re ready to show you what we can do! If you’re a Director of Operation, Site Manager, Head of Site Installation, or Head of Engineering looking for a portable cell tower solution anywhere in the continental U.S., we want to hear from you today. 

Why Should I Request a Portable Cell Tower Demo?

You have a golden opportunity to get first-hand experience with a solution solving opportunity that can be tailored to your unique citation. Our team will be showcasing our high-capacity 106 ft cell on wheels (which is our #1 selling mobile tower). We’ll show you key features, product differences, and some great tower accessories that could help you during your deployment. But overall, our primary goal is to speak directly to your needs and how our mobile towers can be customized to fit your project needs. 

Our team is ready to meet you where you’re at today. If you’re interested in the Solaris Technologies Services Roadshow, sign up through our contact form today to reserve your spot. The Roadshow will be from February 22nd- April 16th. Our calendar is filling up fast, so don’t hesitate to let us know when and where you want us to give you a demo. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we’re looking forward to showcasing how we can help your organization with our telecommunication capabilities. 

Photo Sourced from Solaris Technology Services

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