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Solaris Technologies offers our very own high quality, 100% OEM compatible transceiver at savings of up to 70% off major manufacturers made here in the US. We also offer a standard 12 months warranty period that is longer than most major manufacturer warranties. Our transceivers are manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship and are compatible with most major OEMs. They come in a wide variety of configurations.

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Optical and Copper
We will even custom-configure our transceiver products for your individual needs and offer a 30-day “free” evaluation period. With industry leading first-to-market products and just-in-time delivery, our customers can be assured to have the highest quality transceiver, exactly when needed and at a highly competitive price.
Quality Assurance
• FCC Compliant
• CE Certified
• RoHS Compliant
• SGS certified SFP and 10G

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Our Transceiver is used in almost every fiber optic application. Examples of application areas supported include:
• X2
• SFP+

Note: We offer some of these products in 1000Base and 10Gig packages for use in DWDM/CWDM and Bi-Directional.

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Major OEMs
• 3Com
• Alcatel/Lucent
• Cisco
• Extreme
• Foundry/Brocade
• Juniper
• Hewlett Packard
• Huawei
• Marconi
• Nortel
Additional OEMs
• Adtran
• Allied Telesys
• Allnet
• Asante
• Ciena
• D-Link
• Enterasys
• Force 10
• Fluke Networks
• McAfee
• Milan Technology
• Netgear
• Q-Logic
• Riverstone Networks
• Sun
• Transition Networks
• Others Available—contact us for details.

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