The Toughest Site-on-Wheels In The Industry

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Solaris Technologies Services site-on-wheels, cell phone tower / cell-on-wheels and mobile solutions serve the following applications which include, but are not limited to:

• Disaster Recovery Plan
• On Site Security
• Wireless Surveillance
• Remote Locations – Access and Monitoring
• Special Events such as Sport Events, Concerts, State Fairs and more
• Wireless network infrastructure with little or no site disturbance
• Rapid expansion of wireless network coverage
• SCADA Nodes
• Immediate service deployment while waiting for permits, analysis and construction of permanent towers
• Disaster recovery situations (command, control, communications)
• Expanding capacity at special events

Our durable galvanized towers by Solaris Technologies Services are hot dip galvanized steel cell on wheels telescoping towers. We use high quality materials and state-of-art laser technology. Solaris Technologies Portable Cell on Wheels and fixed based Towers provide a solid platform for temporary or extended cell phone service, wireless surveillance, as well as on site security / monitoring.

Our product durability is ideal for any disaster recovery plan. Our galvanized steel tower serves multiple telecom needs such as:

• Increase Wireless Network Capacity
• Wireless Service for Special Events
• Site Monitoring – SCADA Nodes
• Extend Field Services
• Secure Remote locations, Wireless Surveillance, and more.

The threat of severe weather exists as well as natural occurring ones such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and fires. Let Solaris Technologies Services support your Disaster Recovery Plans.

Solaris Technologies Services site-on-wheels, cell phone towers or cell on wheels and mobile equipment are distributed and sold to Wireless Carriers, Wire-line Carriers, Multiple System Operators, Government Agencies, and Corporate or Enterprise customers in different verticals, i.e., Utilities, Hospitals, Oil Field Operators, etc.. Our distribution network and market reach spans across the United States, and throughout Canada, Mexico, and China. Solaris’ professional engineers and certified repair technicians have over 100 years of industry knowledge. Our vast strategic partnerships with key suppliers/manufacturers around the world enable us to deliver fast and flexible technology and mobile solutions which will satisfy your critical business needs.

Tower Assembly
Solaris Technologies Services tower and cell phone towers utilize galvanized 2 3/8” OD schedule 40 steel pipe for its 36” base spread. Our galvanized base is among the largest base in the industry. This creates much stronger overall tower. Our cell on wheels tower / cell phone towers have the ability to lift payloads up to 900lbs at the top and provide unprecedented protection against the harshest conditions. Our winch system uses a 3/8” stranded galvanized cable as the primary lifting cable and a 5/16” secondary lifting cable for added security. Heavy-duty and zinc-plated sheaves with brass bushings assure smooth raising and lowering of tower in all weather conditions.

Cell on Wheels (COW) Tower Base Assembly

The tower base design includes a fully functional, one-piece integrated tower base that is constructed with 4”x4”x1/4” square tubing. The strength of this base insures the stability of the tower while tilting with heavy loads and also, stability in high winds when fully extended. The extreme size of the cell on wheels tower base made with powder coating galvanized steel materials keep the tower from twisting while supporting heavy head loads.

Cell on Wheels Tower Trailer
The powder coating steel trailer is custom designed to be an integrated part of the entire tower system. The main rails under the trailer deck and 8” I-beam connect directly to the cell tower base giving the entire unit more stability when being used. The outrigger system is designed to provide even stability on all 4 corners of the cell tower trailer and to keep the tower steady in hurricane-force winds.

The cell on wheels tower trailer deck is a full 18’ long with equipment mounting spaces on the rear and a very large 9’x 7’7” forward deck for generators, toolbox, and fuel storage, etc. Tie-down rails with stake pockets extend along each side of the powder coating cell phone towers’ trailer allowing the ability to secure additional equipment. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) for the trailer is 12,000lbs and the entire Cell on Wheels system can be pulled by a 3500-series truck. Bumper pull trailer is standard with a 2 5/16” ball hitch.

Motor Drive Units of our Cell on Wheels Tower
The main drive motor and tilt motors are 1.5HP wash-down quality units with direct drive worm gear output with twin reduction gear boxes for a final reduction of 900 to 1. The lift system is designed to be operated by hand with a cordless drill, if necessary, in case of a power or motor failure and/or theft.Our Cell on Wheels tower and/or Cell Phone Towers unit is designed to withstand the most severe conditions, such as winds up to 90 mph, humidity, sand, and extreme temperatures. The redundant winch system uses 3 cables per section to raise and lower the tower. If you have a failure on one cable, there are 2 backup cables to support and operate the cell on wheels tower.

Cell on Wheels Tower’s Feature include:
• Lattice-type telescoping tower
• Durable hot dip galvanized steel construction
• 72’ , 89’ and 106’ standard model
• Complete guy kit, anchors, wire reel and locking tool box standard
• Others include: 60’ low-profile or custom heights to fit your specific needs (including complete guy wire kit)
• 36” base spread
• Zinc-plated raising sheaves with brass bushings for smooth lifting and lowering of cell phone towers in all conditions.
• Twin Gear Reduction allowing the cell on wheels tower to lift 1100lbs

Cell on Wheels Tower Base
• Heavy-duty 4” x 1/4” square tubing provides maximum stability while lifting and prevents cell tower from twisting in high winds
• Tie-down strap and heavy-duty Y block in front of the cradle provide reduced cell tower vibration during transit

Cell on Wheels Tower Trailer
Heavy-duty powder coating galvanized steel metal base and steel trailer configuration is designed to provide maximum stability and long-lasting protection in the harshest weather conditions. Key features include:
• Powder Coating diamond plated steel trailer deck for maximum traction and weather resistance
• 5-Point leveling jack system with heavy duty jacks
• Dual axles, suspension & tires with 6-ton capacity
• Electric trailer brakes on each axle
• Four outriggers with easy view levels
• Hidden, under deck full-sized spare tire
• Locking utility / storage box
• 2 5/16″ Ball hitch, safety chains, break away kit, 7-pin trailer plug
• Tie down rails along each side
• Curb weight of unit is 9,700lbs
• Easy tow with standard 3500 series truck
• 12,000lbs GVWR
• Towing Dimensions: 10’ high by 31’ long
• Meets all D.O.T. standards and requirements
• Optional heavy-duty trailer extension for D.O.T. regulations abroad
• C130 transportable and container-ready
• Custom cabinets for radio, batteries, etc.

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