Quick Deploy 3
  • Special Events
  • Remote Locations
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Network Expansion
  • Temporary Site

Quick Deploy | A Rapid Deploy Site – Built Tough in Texas, USA

Solaris Technologies Services Quick Deploy Tower is designed to deliver a rapid, fixed-base solution for those situations when deploying a full-size, permanent cell on wheels tower or cell phone towers is not feasible. This Quick Deploy Tower provides an extremely lightweight yet stable tower allowing extended cellular, wireless or surveillance service for various situations.

Difficult Terrain and Remote Locations

The Cell on Wheels Tower’s lightweight solution provides extended coverage in difficult terrain, remote locations, new construction, and on site security.

Short or Long Term Needs

Our Quick Deploy Tower is easily movable yet it is set in a solid, in-ground foundation. It allows rapid deployment and provides temporary or permanent coverage to meet your short or long-term telecommunication needs.

A Solid Foundation

Solaris Quick Deploy Tower consists of a lightweight Aluminum tower that can be fixed permanently or dismantled and easily moved to virtually any location. This genuine Cell Phone Tower provides the ultimate in stability as it is affixed to an in-ground base. Guy wires can provide additional rock-solid stability allowing it to withstand winds up to 80 mph.

Cell on Wheels Tower and Base

  • Durable, lattice-type design providing the ultimate in strength and stability
  • Aluminum construction. Galvanized steel bolts, base and guy wires for maximum all-weather rust protection
  • 48” anchor depth provides superior stability in high winds
  • 60’ standard size model. Custom sizes are also available to fit your specific needs
  • Ability to withstand wind speeds of 80 mph
  • Easily erectable without the use of machines, electricity or winches
  • Weighs only 157 pounds
  • Maximum payload of 200 lbs. allowing the attachment of cellular antennas, surveillance cameras, microwave equipment, etc.
  • Easily transportable. Up to 40 complete cell on wheels or cell phone towers can be transported on a single powder coating steel tractor trailer

Carriers Supported

Our Cell Phone Towers are network-agnostic. They work with any wireless technology including; 2G, 3G and 4G, CDMA, TDMA, WiMAX, LTE, GSM.

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