We are committed to Sustainable Technology

Our vision for sustainability are guided by the need to protect and preserve this planet we all call home, and to help improve lives everywhere. We do this by operating sustainably and offering products and services that provide an improved environmental profile, without sacrificing performance.

Refurbished Products

The United States generates almost 2.5 million tons of electronic waste per year, according to the EPA. Used electronics have materials in them that can be recovered and recycled, reducing the economic costs and environmental impacts of securing and processing new materials for new products.
Solaris Technologies is committed to offering high-quality refurbished equipment for sale. This cost-effective alternative allows you to enjoy the performance of like-new equipment, while protecting the environment and keeping your total cost of ownership low.

Equipment Recycling

If electronics cannot be repaired, recycling is the next best option. Recycling electronics conserves natural resources, prevents hazardous waste from entering landfills and results in lower carbon emissions during manufacturing of new products.

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