capabilities of solaris technologies

Solaris Technologies is a private telecommunications company and a top Texas-based manufacturer in durable, galvanized steel tower which includes cell phone towers, cell on wheels and transceiver.

Our company was started in June of 2010 and is headquartered in Irving, Texas, with additional locations in Mexico, Canada, and China. Solaris Technologies provides a wide range of telecom network products and mobile solutions at an industry-leading competitive price point to meet customers’ diversified infrastructure needs. We support all types of voice, data, and mobile networks with almost any technology required.

Our Value Proposition
Solaris Technologies provides the following benefits to our Customers:

• Cost savings of up to 70 percent
• Equipment tested and installed by professional engineers
• 12-month warranty
• Manufacturer of transceivers made in the US.
• Solaris Technologies is the Manufacturer and Patent holder of Cellular on Wheels(COW)
• “Try before you buy” program
• Large inventory of equipment, strategically staged and secured in multiple warehouses
• In-house Repair Center with certified technicians
• ISO 9001:2015 registration (In progress)

Our Commitment
We deliver the following customized mobile solutions and services:

• Customized product development and Logistic Service for exports leasing.
• Shipment Tracking Software accessed by customers 24×7
• Fast RMA process
• 27,000 foot warehouse to secure customers’ equipment
• Inventory Management warehousing (JIT)
• Custom Design and Professional Engineering

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