Mini Tower

Cell on wheels(COW)
  • Border Security
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Surveillance, Point-to-Point Microwave

Solaris Technologies Services Mini Cell on Wheels (COW) Tower is motorized and can be guyed or self-supported (unguyed) cell tower. The Mini Cell on Wheels (COW) or cell phone towers is designed to be flexible and mobile for a variety of applications where a full mobile site or fixed foundation is not required.

This multi-functional COW provides an extremely lightweight yet stable tower, enabling:

  • Extended wireless network capacity
  • Video surveillance for law enforcement
  • Audio (music, PA) for outdoor venues
  • Lighting for concerts and special events
  • Signage at events and trade shows

COW is Built Tough

Solaris ToughTower™ Mini Cell on Wheels Tower consists of a lightweight, 60’ all-metal telescoping tower that can be quickly and easily moved to virtually any location. This genuine solid cell phone tower provides the ultimate in convenience, at a fraction of the cost of a full Cell on Wheels tower.

Its durable platform ensures stability during high winds or rough terrain. Best of all, the Solaris ToughTower™ Mini Cell on Wheels Tower can handle just about anything you can throw at it. Ask us now about customizing our Mini Cell on Wheels Tower to fit your application’s needs.

  • Trailer is a light weight powder coating steel trailer single axle with maximum weight capacity of
    3,500 lbs
  • Mast supports surface area of up to 2 foot dish at 90mpH wind speed and weight up to 200 pounds
  • Low profile mast is an electric crank battery powered winch
  • Cell tower pole is galvanized steel with 6 sections telescoped at 10 feet each
  • (4) Jacks stands and Toolbox
  • (4) Outriggers included – easy leveling system
  • (3) Guy wires and anchors
  • (2) 4,500 lb winches
  • Securing tabs for the deployment security
  • Towing flexible (require light weight truck, SUV, or similar)
  • Toolbox to store jack stands and tools
  • ¼” galvanized lifting cable
  • Must weigh 1578lbs
  • Customized Paint included (provide color sample for customization)
  • Mini Cell on Wheels Tower complies to ANSI/EIA/TIA-222 standards

Click here for: Mini ToughTower™ Spec Sheet