Solaris Technologies Services has partnered with the Global leader of Metal Detectors Garrett to offer the most advanced security systems.

Garrett Metal Detectors™ is the global leader of walk-through, hand-held and ground search metal detection products and training for security and law enforcement applications. From the Olympic Games to U.S. and international airports, Garrett® has the proven knowledge, experience and reliable products to meet your security needs.

Solaris Technologies Services Security is a trusted name when it comes to security and we want you to have the most secure system in place for your business. Solaris Technologies Services Security has experience working with small to large customers from a one man solution to an entire fleet of service.

Our customers include the State Fair of Texas, Winstar Casino, State Universities, Hospital Systems to local nightlife venues. Let us secure your events. Give our team a call or inquire for more information.

Security Sales (972)721-0150 or

Solaris Technologies Services Security now offers the most essential and highly sought after physical security systems used in the industry including:

PD 6500i: A 33 point check walk through metal detector.

PD6500i Product Video:

We offer ADA compliant models, call our security staff for more details (972)721-0150

SUPER SCANNER V: A lightweight handheld metal detector scanner

Super Scanner V Spec

SUPERWAND: A handheld metal detector wand

Super Scanner V Spec

THD Hand: A multifunctional handheld metal detector

THD Spec

Security Sales (972)721-0150 or