Night to Fight 2017- Ring of Hope

February 2, 2017

Solaris Technologies excited to bring in a new year and work with some great foundations in our local community like Ring of Hope and it’s annual Night to Fight event. Every year the Ring of Hope puts its members under rigorous training to get ready for the Night to Fight, putting top contenders of its christian boxing club against its toughest opponents. Ring of Hope has had a special place in our hearts for the last few years, because of their dedication to local young teens that need a light to follow in their rough circumstances.

Over the years Ring of Hope has brought in members from the Metroplex to mentor and guide through the sport of boxing. Their goal is to help teens in need and show them a healthy outlet that challenges their bodies and toughens their mental strength. Their members stories & testimonials are a standout part of their organization, the coaches at Ring of Hope are doing something great and we are just excited to be a part of it.

To learn more about the Ring of Hope and a Night to Fight follow the link or click the image below. Ticket are available for purchase and donations to the organization are always welcome.


Night to Fight 2017

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