Why Solaris’ 150′ Mobile Towers are Built with 5G Capabilities

Solaris Technologies Services is a leader of providing businesses and organizations with a solution to their telecommunications needs. Our mobile towers are 5G ready and able to create a faster and more reliable connectivity solution. Here is why the Solaris Technologies Services 150’ mobile towers are always built with 5G capabilities:

Solaris’ 5G Capabilities

4G has become an outdated technology. As a leader in mobile tower manufacture ring, we strive to provide our customers with the most reliable high-capacity infrastructure that is capable of supporting the latest 5G equipment. Our 5G towers launch your solution in 30-minutes or less for a faster site setup that keeps your customers connected when they need it most.

Why You Need 5G Towers

Whether you need a cell-on-wheels for extended coverage, private networks, WiFi-solutions, city management, or events, our 5G cell towers are ready to revolutionize your telecommunications solutions. 5G capabilitieshelp first responders coordinate using remote sensors during natural disasters and power outages. Our towers can also connect numerous devices to allow them to talk to each other in real-time.

Solaris’ 150’ Mobile Towers

Our 150’ mobile towers are built and manufactured in the USA. Each portable cell towers is produced with hot-dipped galvanized steel and then passes through a 36-point inspection before they’re ready to be used. We also meet ANSI/EWITA-222-F standards to make sure that equipment is safe and meets the highest quality specifications. 

5G cell towers will help your business or organization with a stronger, more reliable structure. Our 150’ mobile towers are built to last, and with 5G capabilities, you can rest assured that you will have the most dependable service available. Solaris is ready to help you with connecting your devices to 5G. Contact us today to schedule a demo or request a quote. 

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