Global technology company Solaris Technologies expands its high-tech offerings to include world class security products from Garrett Metal Detectors

Irving, Texas – January 10, 2017 –

Solaris Technologies today announced the addition of world class security products from Garrett Metal Detectors to its high-tech product suite. The new line, to include both walk-through and hand-held metal detectors, will enable Solaris to play a greater role in helping to secure and protect the public.

Garrett has been engineering advanced metal detection products for over 50 years, and has become the most recognized and trusted name in the security industry. Solaris will initially offer top rated Garrett items including the world-renowned PD 6500i walk-through metal detector with its superior scanning and detection capabilities, along with the industry-leading Super Scanner V, Super Wand, and Tactical (THD) hand-held metal detectors.

Ideal for use at special events, stadiums, schools, and other venues with security checkpoint needs, Garrett’s innovative devices provide practical solutions that can be set up within minutes, and moved to alternate locations easily.
Solaris will partner with Garrett to provide full service implementation and technical support to customers, along with reliable stock availability and fast delivery.

“We at Solaris continually strive to build great partnerships to provide more value to our diverse customer base”, said Solaris CEO Evelyn Torres. “This agreement with Garrett will enhance our product offering to include technologies that will vastly improve the security of our end users.”

About Garrett Metal Detectors™
Garrett Metal Detectors™ is the global leader of walk-through, hand-held and ground search metal detection products and training for security and law enforcement applications. From the Olympic Games to U.S. and international airports, Garrett® has served a wide variety of security needs in a broad base of industries.

About Solaris Technologies, Inc.
Solaris Technologies is a global technology company and a top Texas-based manufacturer of galvanized cell phone towers and transceivers, including the patented Tough TowerTM cell on wheels solution. Solaris has the knowledge and industry partnerships to engineer, build and deliver telecom, networking, security and other technology solutions to fit customers’ specifications. Solaris is proud to have worked with the US Navy, industry leading telecom providers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, and now security product leader Garrett.

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