How to Enhance Your Security with Handheld Metal Detectors

From campus security to airport security, handheld metal detectors are a must-have. At Solaris Technologies Services, we’re here to help your business improve your security with the best products from Garrett Metal Detector. If you need to bolster your security, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the metal detectors that can help you enhance your security:

The Super Scanner® V Handheld Metal Detector

The most popular item we sell, this product is in used by Big 12 campuses as well used throughout world Olympic stadiums

Garrett’s Super Scanner® V is perfect for campus, airport and stadium security. This product has the ability to detect large knives from 6 inches away, give alerts for box cutters from 3 inches away, can detect tiny jewelry and foil from 1 inch away and it can detect medium-sized pistols from a 9-inch distance. The large 8-inch surface makes it easy to quickly and thoroughly scan through areas and it has a self-calibrating digital microprocessor that eliminates periodic sensitivity adjustments.

The Power of the Garrett SuperWand®

Our most demanded item among stadium security staff.

Looking for something that allows you to quickly scan through large crowds of people with unparalleled accuracy? Check out the Garrett SuperWand®. This device gives your security staff a 360-degree detection field that allows them to scan people from head to foot (elongated 8.75” scan surface). The tip pinpointing feature makes it easy to pinpoint the exact location of weapons and other metal objects. The Garrett SuperWand® also has the ability to detect non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons along with other contraband. 

The THD™– Tactical Handheld Metal Detector

This option is our most popular selection among law enforcement.

If you need a metal detector that can help your team accurately screening small objects like pockets, ID cards or handbags, then you need to look into the THD™. This product is only 4 inches in length but it provides your team with a 360-degree detection area. The THD™ also has an ultra-sensitive response to metal objects and can detect non-ferrous objects, stainless steel weapons and other forms of contraband. If you or your team needs a metal detector that can easily mount on a belt or in a car, you need to look into the THD™. 

We are a trusted Garrett Metal Detector Dealer and can provide you with all of the security products you need. Whether you’re looking for a way to improve your campus, airport or stadium security, our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect product to match your unique needs. Contact our security team today to find out more information about the Solaris Technologies Services security solutions. 

Photo Sourced from Solaris Technology Services

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