How 5G is Revolutionizing the Telehealth Industry

5G is ready to revolutionize every industry that deals with communications. In the telehealth industry, 5G is leading the charge to help health leaders get information quickly and more reliably than 4G. Telecommunications is going through a major revolution, and telehealth is at the forefront. At Solaris Technologies Services, we’re ready to help everyone in the telehealth industry get the network speed quality they need with our high-capacity cellular-on-wheels towers. Here is how 5G is changing telehealth: 

5G Expanding the Reach of Telehealth

The telemedicine industry is rapidly expanding due to the current pandemic. Government initiatives and rural areas are a driving force behind this growth and increasing the need for reliable network connections. Using 5G for telehealth can give doctors and patients a network that supports high-quality real-time videos, handle mobile appointments and give patients the ability to be treated sooner. With 5G, people will have access to a wide range of specialists, an option new to many consumers. 

Giving Specialists Real-Time Monitoring

One of the biggest challenges for medical professionals is finding a way to get real-time data on patients. 5G helps solve that problem by creating reliable network connections that can support real-time data. Reliable and robust network connections can help improve personalized care and give information for preventative care. Doctors have the ability to monitor patients from a remote location and have the confidence to make decisions without being in the same room. 

5G and Artificial Intelligence Working Together

5G and artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way doctors treat their patients. AI is now used to diagnose and decide on treatment plans for each specific patient. With a large amount of data from real-time monitoring, AI can compute and learn in real-time to determine the best care option available. 5G worlds hand in hand with AI healthcare functions by proving healthcare professionals reliable and fast network connections, whether they are in the field or out of the office.  

Telehealth is increasing its service capabilities, quality of care and patient experience with the emergence of 5G technology. If you are in the telemedicine or other telecommunication industry, Solaris Technologies Services is ready to provide the infrastructure you need to strengthen your network. We can meet your 5G needs with our cell-on-wheels. We can provide you with what you need from mini cell towers to our largest goliath cell tower. Contact us today to learn more!

Photo Sourced from Solaris Technologies Services

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